Currently conducting research at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, I am a young scholar specializing in international and European law. Supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation I work towards a Habilitation in European law at Zurich University.

I received my education at Zurich University (Dr. iur.), Bruges (College of Europe, LLM) and Basel (Lic. iur.). I am admitted to the Zurich Bar. For "Models of Autonomy?" I carried out research in Bolzano, Bruges, Budapest, Paris, Regensburg, and Zurich.

Awards received include the Rafael Sanz award and the Homburger scholarship (both at the College of Europe). Project funding for "Models of Autonomy?" was granted by the Research Fund of Zurich University. The current Habilitation project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Nachwuchsförderungskredit of Zurich University.