If you would like to write your bachelor or master thesis at HSG in international or European law under my supervision, please read the following advice and then contact me via e-mail (see side bar).

I am supervising bachelor and master theses on a regular basis. More than 30 students successfully completed their thesis under my supervision. While theses typically focus on international law and European law in the broadest sense, interdisciplinary and empirical elements are not unusual. I am basically open to any topic you suggest; you can see my research interests by browsing my webpage. The preferred language is English and German; occasionally, students write in French. 

As to the procedure: Normally you first propose a topic. I will give you green light, if I think the topic is sound and if I do not happen to have too many students to supervise. You next explain the details of your topic, including the research question, in a research proposal of 3-5 pp. How to write a research proposal is well explained in Philip Schmitter's 'The Ideal Research Proposal'. We then sit down together and discuss the proposal in detail. Sometimes a second, revised proposal needs to be submitted. Once the proposal is acceptable, I sign the form. From then on, the idea is that you work on your thesis, while you always have the option to ask for help, support, etc. You are also in charge of the time schedule. You choose your style of citation, but make sure to use one single style consistently throughout the thesis.

Often specific questions need to be settled before the thesis is handed in at the student services. Frequently, the definitive title of the thesis becomes clear only at the very end of writing. I can easily ask the admin via e-mail to change the title of a thesis; just send me a request to this effect via e-mail. Make sure to hand in the right version of your thesis to the admin well within the deadline set by the admin. Please send me a pdf-file of the thesis you handed in via mail, after having submitted it officially to the admin. Please note that I never assess parts of the thesis before students hand it in. The assessment is only done after the thesis has officially been handed in. I always mark the thesis and write the assessment myself. Feel free to request the assessment ('Gutachten') via e-mail from me after the admin has communicated the grade.

Please absolutely avoid plagiarism and ghost writing. Quite apart from the immediate and severe consequences if discovered, it seriously harms your career in the long run. Ghost writing in particular is illegal. A ghost writer can also blackmail clients. Even if not discovered immediately despite best efforts, you should assume that any plagiarism or ghost writing will eventually come to light. 

As to PhD (doctorate) supervision: I very carefully select PhD students, mostly from our own student body. I have so far never accepted to supervise a PhD after contact had been established exclusively via internet.

Visiting (post-)docs: I apologize for not being able to accommodate visiting post-docs/docs at the moment, since I lack office space.