"Models of Autonomy?" by Thomas Burri

"Linguistic-cultural or religious autonomy and other forms of federal organization are particularly appropriate to promote the harmonious coexistence of peoples. When and in what ways is autonomy appropriate, though? These are the questions that Thomas Burri seeks to answer …. He approaches the topic of “Models of Autonomy” in an innovative way, daring a fresh look at old problems and questioning the basics without prejudice. His original idea of a model of autonomy wraps up the particular with the general, while avoiding any kind of paternalism – “Sloterdijk’s ironic pitfall” which lurks for any author coping with minority situations. … We learn from French Polynesia, a place about as remote from Europe as it gets – but nonetheless closer than expected – and from the German minority in Hungary, which has been drowsing in the oversize shadow of the Hungarian community abroad."
- Daniel Thürer (from the foreword to "Models of Autonomy?")

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Details of the book:
Thomas Burri, 'Models of Autonomy? - Case Studies of Minority Regimes in Hungary and French Polynesia', Zurich, Schulthess, 2010, 231 [+61] p.