Papers presented recently

On 13 and 14 January 2011, I headed a panel together with Alice Engl and Emma Lantschner on "Political Integration of Ethnic Minorities" at the Conference of the Austrian, German, and Swiss Associations of Political Scientists in Basel. For more details see the webpage of the conference here …

On 17 December 2010, at the Christmas gathering of the Institute of International Law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, I presented a paper on the "Ausschaffungsinitiative" which the Swiss people accepted in a ballot in 2010. (The result of the referendum is that the Swiss Constitution now contains an article according to which foreigners who committed one of the listed crimes or wrongly and intentionally claimed social security benefits are expelled from Switzerland automatically, i.e. without any assessment of the circumstances of the specific case.)  

In April 2010, I presented two papers. The first paper was presented at a conference in Maastricht about "The European Union between Trade and Non-Trade: Selected Issues" (16 April 2010). The paper dealt with the implications of chaos theory for the law and legal sciences: "Do Lawyers Knead the Dough? How Law, Chaos, and Uncertainty Interact". (The paper has been published in the meanwhile in the European Journal of Risk Regulation, see Publications.)

The second paper, presented at the conference in Brussels about the "European Union and International Affairs II" (22-24 April 2010), addressed the implications of free movement of workers between the European Union and Switzerland: "The Ways of the Amoeba: Workers and Caselaw as Vehicles of the European Hegemon". Download the paper from the Conference website here.