I no longer maintain this webpage. Please go to my page at the University of St. Gallen.

International law

My research does not easily fit into categories, but most of it in one way or another deals with international law, beginning with my doctoral thesis in self-determination, minority rights, and human rights. My
 research agenda then broadened to cover the case law of the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of International Justice, the practice of the UN Security Council, and robotics and artificial intelligence. Most of my teaching also centres on international law.

Select publications:

- 'Two Points for the International Court of Justice in Chagos: Take the Case, All of It – It is a Human Rights Case', Questions of International Law QIL, Zoom Out 55, 93-105 – SSRN.

- 'International Law and Artificial Intelligence', German Yearbook of International Law 2017 (vol. 60), Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2019, pp. 91-108 – SSRN.

- 'The United Nations Charter, the Security Council, and Creativity', Expert report mandated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Switzerland, 2017, 44 pp. – SSRN.

Models of Autonomy? - Case Studies of Minority Regimes in Hungary and French Polynesia, Zurich, Schulthess, 2010, 231 [+61] p. – open access.

- 'The Kosovo Opinion and Secession: The Sounds of Silence and Missing Links', 11 German Law Journal 8 (2010) 881-890 – open access.