I no longer maintain this webpage. Please go to my page at the University of St. Gallen.

Constitutional Law

One cannot become a qualified lawyer without deep immersion into national constitutional law - in my case Swiss constitutional law. But my doctoral thesis also included a strong comparative constitutional law perspective. I also published on the constitutional implications of the agreements between the EU and Switzerland, the constitutional options for minorities, and language rights. One of my more original proposals recommended the creation of a special canton for the Rumantsch minority in Switzerland, a 'Romanenstaat'.

Select publications:

- 'Verfassungslos: Staats- and verfassungsrechtliche Bedenken anlässlich des jüngsten Bundesgerichtsentscheides zur Bündner Spracheninitiative',
Sui-generis 2017, S. 148-158 – open access.

- 'Der Romanenstaat - Versuch einer verfassungsrechtlichen Lösung der Rätoromanenfrage', in Corsin Bisaz and Andreas Glaser (eds), Rätoromanische Sprache und direkte Demokratie, Zurich, Schulthess, 2015, p. 125-131 – open access.

- 'Opinion on Ways to Implement and Apply the Bilateral Agreements', in collaboration with Daniel Thürer, published (in German) in Jens Drolshammer and Thomas Cottier (eds), The Anthology of Swiss Legal Culture, 2014, 43 pp. – SSRN (in English).

- Models of Autonomy? - Case Studies of Minority Regimes in Hungary and French Polynesia, Zurich, Schulthess, 2010, 231 [+61] p. – open access.