I no longer maintain this webpage. Please go to my page at the University of St. Gallen.

About me

Since February 2011 I have been working as an assistant professor of international law and European law at University of St. Gallen (HSG). In the spring 2016 I was appointed director of the program "Master in International Law" at HSG.

For the winter term 2018/2019 I have been appointed professor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, substituting for Prof. Georg Nolte. For the summer term 2017 I assumed the temporary position of a professor of international law at Technische Universität Dresden. (Lehrstuhlvertretung in both cases.) 

From May until September 2012 I conducted research for my Habilitationsschrift at Harvard in Cambridge, MA, and from 2009-2015 at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. The research was generously supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the University of Zurich. The resulting book entitled The Greatest Possible Freedom is available from Nomos. The Habilitationsverfahren was completed in October 2015 at HSG (venia legendi in Public International Law, European Law, and Constitutional Law).

Awards received include the Rafael Sanz Memorial Award and the Homburger scholarship (both at the College of Europe). Project funding for my first book, Models of Autonomy?, was granted by the Research Fund of Zurich University; research was carried out in Bolzano, Bruges, Budapest, Paris, Regensburg, and Zurich. I worked in Basel, Zurich, and briefly New York.

I received my education at University of Zurich (Dr. iur., supervisor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Thürer), in Bruges (College of Europe, LLM), Basel and Paris (Lic. iur., University of Basel). I am admitted to the Zurich Bar.

Basel is my home town.