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- 23 February 2018: Talk given at a conference on "Demokratie und künstliche Intelligenz" at University of Trier on "Demokratische Implikationen des Einsatzes semi- oder vollautonomer Polizei- und Militärroboter". Thanks Prof. Antje v. Ungern-Sternberg and Prof. Sebastian Unger for the invitation.

- 20 February 2018: In Brussels for the launch of AI4People; joined the initiative's scientific committee.

- 19 February 2018: Done grading 200+ exams. As always, I have done all the grading myself, personally – no assistants involved at all.

- 15 February 2018: ERC Consolidator grant proposal submitted at 16.53h – seven minutes early!

- 5 January 2018: 2000 downloads reached at SSRN in less than 18 months.

- 4 January 2018: New post at Oxford Business Law Blog on "Free Movement of Algorithms".

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