Welcome to my homepage. 

- 25 November 2017: I will give a talk on "Demokratische Implikationen des Einsatzes autonomer Polizei- und Militärroboter" at a conference at University of Trier on 23 February 2018.  

- 24 November 2017: 2-hour talk given in Chur on "Die Spracheninitiative im Kanton Graubünden", organized by Convivenza.

- 21 November 2017: All my publications are now available open access, either on SSRN or via links in the publication list.

- 16 November 2017: Reached the top 10% of authors at SSRN (all-time downloads) after having uploaded my first paper a little more than a year ago.

- 13 November 2017: Thank you, Dr. Gebhard Bücheler of 7 Summits Arbitration, for giving a 4-hour guest lecture on Bilcon v. Canada in my "Foundations of International Law" course at HSG. 

- 8 November 2017: Today our workshop "LegalTech in der Schweiz: Was, wer, wie?" takes place at University of St. Gallen (room 23-203).

- 2 November 2017: Talk given on "International Law and Artificial Intelligence" at Lauterpacht Center at University of Cambridge. Thanks Dr. Michael Waibel for inviting me!

- 1 November 2017: New paper on SSRN: "An Evaluation Schema for the Ethical Use of Autonomous Robotic Systems in Security Application", co-authored with Markus Christen, Joseph Chapa, Raphael Salvi, Filippo Santoni de Sio, and John Sullins.

- 1 November 2017: Talk given at University of Oxford on "Free Movement of Algorithms". Thanks Prof. Horst Eidenmüller for inviting me.

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