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- 19 March 2019: My paper "Artificial Intelligence and International law" is ranked 725th on SSRN by total downloads over the last 12 months, measured against 700'000+ papers available on SSRN.

- 18 March 2019: Talk given in St. Gallen on the Institutional Framework Agreement between Switzerland and the EU.

- 6 March 2019: Talk given at University of Cambridge, CELS, on "Beyond Meaningless Human Control: The Contribution of EU Law to a Deep Notion of Control over Artificial Intelligence". Thanks Profs Kenneth Armstrong and John Bell for the invitation!

- 4 March 2019: Talk given at Freie Universität Berlin on "The ICJ's Advisory Opinion in Chagos: A Zeitenwende?", thanks Profs Heike Krieger and Georg Nolte for inviting me! 

- 28 February 2019: Talk given on "International Arbitration and Super-dynamic Change in Municipal Law" at a workshop at University of Amsterdam. Thanks Prof. Stephan Schill and Dr. Michail Risvas for the invitation!

- 25 February 2019: The ICJ just delivered the Chagos Advisory Opinion. First impression: It is a killer.

- 25 February 2019: SNF-NFP-77 project just submitted as PI, fingers crossed.

- 22 February 2019: Jus-Schnuppertag at HSG. Presented our Master of Arts in International Law program.

- 18 February 2019: Term has just begun at HSG.

- 16 February 2019: Finished marking all exams at HSG, more than 120 exams; all marking done personally, as always. 

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