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- 9 November 2018: The video from the workshop on the ICJ's Chagos advisory opinion with comments by some of the participants is now available. More to come soon!

- 5 November 2018: A public statement against the latest SVP initiative targeting international law has just been published. I signed it.

- 22 October 2018: Teaching at Humboldt University in Berlin has started: I teach 4 courses in international law and European law.

- 16 October 2018: My first paper has just crossed the threshold of 1000 downloads on SSRN: "Artificial Intelligence and International Law", a solo-authored paper.

- 15 October 2018: Our international workshop on the ICJ and the Chagos advisory opinion comes up at the end of the week.

- 27 September 2018: Attends the Darpa Subterranean Challenge kick-off!

- 19 September 2018: Just published "Künstliche Intelligenz und internationales Recht: Mögliche Entwicklungen und Hindernisse" in Datenschutz und Datensicherheit 42(10), 603-607.

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