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- 12 February 2019: Talk given at the Weizenbaum Institute, Berlin on "The Ethical Gestalt of Autonomous Security Systems" – thanks for the invitation!

- 6 February 2019: Will give a talk on "Beyond Meaningless Human Control: The Contribution of EU law to a Deep Notion of Control over AI" at University of Cambridge on 6 March.

- 4 February 2019: All 12 articles on the "ICJ and Chagos" are now available on Questions of International Law, Zoom Out, including my own – thanks for the good work!

- 4 February 2019: Talk given at Fraunhofer Kompetenzzentrum öffentliche IT in Berlin on "Rechtliche und ethische Erfassung autonomer Systeme", thanks for the invitation.

- 23 January 2019: Just published: Thomas Burri, "International Law and Artificial Intelligence", GYIL 2017, pp. 91-108 – finally. It took 1.5 years.

- 5 January 2019: We have invited Adama Dieng, United Nations Under-Secretary General and Special Adviser for the prevention of Genocide, to Humboldt-University for a fireside chat next Monday, 14 January 2019, ca. 19.00h. Everybody is welcome, but please register by mail to intlaw@rewi.hu-berlin.de, space is limited.

- 4 January 2019: Just published: My article "Free Movement of Algorithms" in Barfield/Pagallo, Research Handbook on the Law of AI.

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