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- 5 January 2019: We have invited Adama Dieng, United Nations Under-Secretary General and Special Adviser for the prevention of Genocide, to Humboldt-University for a fireside chat next Monday, 14 January 2019, ca. 19.00h. Everybody is welcome, but please register by mail to intlaw@rewi.hu-berlin.de, space is limited.

- 4 January 2019: Just published: My article "Free Movement of Algorithms" in Barfield/Pagallo, Research Handbook on the Law of AI.

- 30 December 2018: Four new articles have just gone live in our Questions of International Law Zoom Out on the ICJ Chagos Advisory Opinion – by Sue Farran, Kinnari Bhatt, Peter Sand, and Jamie Trinidad; still more in the pipeline! 

- 17 December 2018: Judge Simma's lecture at HSG will take place today: "Settling International Disputes by Law: Experience of an Insider" – Room 23-001, no registration, all welcome! 

- 15 December 2018: My text on the institutional agreement CH-EU is now available in English: "The New Framework Agreement between Switzerland and the EU: Mission Accomplished".

- 13 December 2018: Quoted in NZZ re Rahmenübereinkommen.

- 11 December 2018: See my new text on the institutional agreement CH-EU: "Gutes Verhandlungsergebnis zwischen der Schweiz und der EU".

- 4 December 2018: The Research Handbook on the Law of AI to which I contributed will be released on 28 December.

- 3 December 2018: Our special issue in anticipation of the ICJ's advisory opinion on Chagos is being rolled out now in "Questions of International Law" – more contributions will be uploaded soon!

- 28 November 2018: check out our new call for papers "Ethical and Legal Aspects of Autonomous Security Systems" - conference on 2-3 May'19 with Philip Alston, Joanna Bryson, Patrick Lin, Robert Sparrow and others!

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