Welcome to my homepage. 

- 10 October 2017: Just given a radio interview with SRF on the popular language initiative in Grisons. 

- 5 October 2017: At the annual meeting of the Association of German Public Law Professors in Saarbrücken.

- 3 October 2017: Just published in Sui Generis: "Verfassungslos: Verfassungs- und staatsrechtliche Bedenken anlässlich des Bundesgerichtsentscheides zur Bündner Spracheninitiative".

- 2 October 2017: Prof. Daniel Hürlimann and I organize a half-day conference on Legal Tech in Switzerland.

- 18 September 2017: Fall term at University of St. Gallen has begun. I teach three courses.

- 11 September 2017: At the yearly gathering of the German Association of Civil Law Professors. Thanks for welcoming me as a visitor!

- 5 September 2017: My book, The Greatest Possible Freedom, has just been reviewed in EJRR.

- 14 July 2017: The term at Technical University of Dresden is done and with it the four courses I taught.

- 26 June 2017: Arrived at Stanford University to give a talk on "Turning Machines into Persons" at IACAP 2017.

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